Local Support or Advice

In this section you can find information about Oxfordshire social care and other support services that might be relevant to you or a family member.

Please select one of the options below for more information:


Local Advice:  A range of organisations in Oxfordshire providing advice and services to support you in everyday living

Council Services: Support available from Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire District Councils

Home Care & Independent Living: Providing care in your home, local home care organisations and how you might get useful equipment and adaptations. Living an independent life with a disability is now more achievable than ever

Local Charities: There are number of charities supporting people in Oxfordshire - find out about how they can help you

Counselling and Support:  Help overcoming issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable

Care Homes: Search NHS Choices for local care homes and care at home in your area and see what services are available

Support for Carers: Find out about what information and support is available to carers/people looking after someone

Overseas Visitors: The NHS is a residency-based free service. For overseas visitors, except for an initial urgent consultation with a GP, there are charges

Overseas Travel:  A range of useful tips and advice if you or your family are planning on travelling abroad