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1. Accuracy
Whilst we have made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and validity of all information provided on this website, Malthouse Surgery managing the website on behalf of Abingdon Healthcare Federation, OxFed and PML (Principal Medical Ltd) does not accept responsibility for events arising from the use of the information provided. Advice offered to patients, while being as accurate and complete as possible, should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with the patient's own doctor.

2. Links
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3. Website Availability
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4. Medical Information on the Internet
If you use the Internet for medical information then please be aware of the following points:
- Review more than one site and attempt to obtain a balanced view
- Check for the authors' names and qualifications - anonymous information is less likely to be sourced accurately
- Use sites that are regularly updated
- Be aware that advertising might influence the site contents - check for commercial sponsorship
- Information sourced from outside the UK might describe treatments not available here

5. Data Collection
We collect information from users who communicate with us via the website, aggregate information on which pages users access or visit.  The information we collect is used to improve the content of our product and the quality of our service.

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