What are GP Federations?

An increasing number of GP practices are considering entering into some kind of collaborative arrangement with other practices. The term often used to describe these multiple practices coming together is federations.

Primary care providers (GP Practices) across the UK are recognising the need to work together at greater scale to share costs and resources (for instance, workforce or facilities) and develop organisations of a scale where they can respond to emerging opportunities to deliver a wider range of healthcare services more local to the patient.


The GP Federations in Oxfordshire include:


• Principal Medical Limited Federation, who are an umbrella organisation supporting four GP federations consisting of 40 GP practices in the North (NOxMed), North East (OneMed), West (WestMed) and South West (ValeMed).


• OxFed, a federation comprising 22 GP practices in Oxford City.


• Abingdon Healthcare Federation, formed from six GP practices in Abingdon, Berinsfield and Clifton Hampden.


• South East Federation, formed from 10 GP practices in the South East.