Oxfordshire GP Practices core hours are 8am to 6.30 pm weekdays

In this section you can find your local GP Surgery website and look at their CQC rating, opening times (as many do extended hours), contact details, how to register, local Practice news, register to view medical records and book appointments using online services.

GP surgeries look after the health of people in their local community and deal with a whole range of health problems. You would normally see GPs or other healthcare professionals at their premises (surgery). If your GP cannot deal with a problem then you’ll usually be referred to hospital for tests, treatment, or to see a consultant with specialist knowledge.

Don't forget, there are a number of tools on this site that could provide appropriate support outside GP Surgery hours or help you avoid having to visit your GP at all, such as the Symptom Checker or Health A-Z.


Abingdon Federation GP Practices


The Abingdon Surgery

Website: www.abingdonsurgery.com

Berinsfield Health Centre

Website: www.berinsfieldhealthcentre.com/

Clifton Hampden Surgery

Website: www.cliftonhampdensurgery.co.uk/

Long Furlong Medical Centre

Website: www.longfurlongmedicalcentre.co.uk/

The Malthouse Surgery

Website: www.malthousesurgery.co.uk/

Marcham Road Family Health Centre

Website: www.marchamroadhealthcentre.co.uk/


OxFed GP Practices


Banbury Rd Medical Centre

Website: www.banburyroadmc.nhs.uk/

St Bartholomew’s Medical Centre

Website: www.sbmc.org.uk/

Bartlemas Surgery

Website: www.bartlemas.com/

19 Beaumont Street Surgery

Website: www.19beaumontstreet.com/

27 Beaumont Street Surgery

Website: www.27beaumontstreet.co.uk/

28 Beaumont Street Surgery

Website: www.28beaumontstreet.co.uk/

Botley Medical Centre

Website: www.botleymedicalcentre.co.uk/

Bury Knowle Health Centre

Website: www.buryknowle.org/

St Clements Surgery

Website: www.stclementssurgery.org/

Donnington Medical Partnership

Website: www.donningtonhealthcentre.nhs.uk/

Hollow Way Medical Centre

Website: www.hollowwaymedicalcentre.co.uk/

Jericho Health Centre

Website: www.gpjerichotwo.co.uk/

Dr Bogdanor & Partners

Website: www.bogdanorpractice-jerichohc.nhs.uk/index.aspx

Kennington Health Centre

Website: www.kenningtonhealthcentre.co.uk/index.php

King Edward Street Surgery

Website: www.kingedwardstreetsurgery.co.uk/

The Leys Health Centre

Website: www.theleyshealthcentre.co.uk/

Manor Surgery

Website: www.manorsurgeryoxford.co.uk/

Marston Medical Centre

Website: www.marstonmedicalcentre.co.uk/

South Oxford Health Centre

Website: www.sohc.org.uk/

Cowley Road Medical Practice

Website: www.drstevensandpartners.org.uk/index.html

Summertown Health Centre

Website: www.summertownhealthcentre.co.uk/

Temple Cowley Medical Group

Website: www.templecowleyhealthcentre.co.uk/


PML Federation Practices


Banbury Health Centre

Website: www.banburyhealthcentre.co.uk/index.aspx

Bicester Health Centre (Dr G C Moncrieff and Partners)

Website: www.bicesterhc.co.uk

Bloxham & Hook Norton Surgeries

Website: www.bloxhamsurgery.co.uk

Broadshires Health Centre

Website: www.broadshireshealthcentre.com/

Burford Surgery

Website: www.burfordsurgery.co.uk

Church Street, Wantage

Website: wantagechurchstreet.co.uk/

Cogges Surgery

Website: www.coggesgpsurgery.org.uk/

Deddington Health Centre

Website: www.deddingtonsurgery.co.uk

Didcot Health Centre

Website: www.didcothealthcentre.com

Eynsham Medical Group

Website: www.eynshammedicalgroup.org.uk/

Grove Medical Centre

Website: www.thegrovemedicalcentre.com/

Gosford Hill Medical Centre

Website: www.gosfordhillmc.co.uk/

Horsefair Surgery

Website: www.horsefairsurgery.co.uk

Newbury Street, Wantage

Website: www.newburystreetpractice.co.uk/

North Bicester Surgery

Website: www.northbicestersurgery.co.uk

Oak Tree Health Centre

Website: www.oaktreehc.co.uk

The Brook & The Chiltern Surgery

Website: www.watlington-surgeries.nhs.uk/the-practices/watlington-surgery/

The Key Medical Practice

Website: www.keymedicalpractice.co.uk

The Nuffield Practice

Website: www.thenuffieldpractice.co.uk/

The White Horse Medical Practice

Website: www.whmp.co.uk/

Victoria House Surgery

Website: www.victoriahousesurgery.co.uk

Windrush Surgery (Banbury)

Website: www.windrushsurgery.co.uk/index.htm

Windrush Medical Practice, Witney

Website: www.windrushmedicalpractice.co.uk

Woodlands Surgery, Banbury

Website: www.woodlandssurgery-banbury.co.uk/

Woodstock Surgery

Website: www.woodstocksurgery.co.uk

Wychwood Surgery

Website: www.wychwoodsurgery.co.uk


South East Federation Practices


The Bell Surgery

Website: www.thebellsurgery.co.uk/

Goring and Woodcote Medical Practice

Website: www.goringwoodcotemedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Mill Stream Surgery

Website: www.millstreamsurgery.nhs.uk

Morland House Surgery, Wheatley

Website: www.morland-house.co.uk

Nettlebed Surgery

Website: www.Nettlebed.gpsurgery.net

Sonning Common Health Centre

Website: www.sonningcommonhealthcentre.co.uk/

The Hart Surgery

Website: www.thehartsurgery.nhs.uk/

The Rycote Practice

Website: www.therycotepractice.co.uk/

The Watlington and Chalgrove Surgeries

Website: www.watlington-surgeries.nhs.uk/the-practices/chalgrove-surgery/

Wallingford Medical Practice

Website: www.wallingfordmedicalpractice.co.uk